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28/ Pack: BugBan Natural Clean Mat Repellent


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BugBan’s Clean Mat Repellent

The NATURAL WAY to keep bugs at bay at home and away…… Travel; Hotel, RV & AirBnB. SMARTEST Non-Topical, Indoor Mosquito and Bug Repellent.

Repels annoying bugs by creating an invisible barrier – a “no entry zone” in your indoor living spaces. The scent is mild to humans, but to mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies it acts like a force field.

BugBan’s Clean Mat Repellent contains natural ingredients such; Geranium oil, Lemongrass oil, Geraniol, Cinnamon oil and Basil, Vanillin and Soybean Oil.

Contains 28 –  .14 oz (4g)  Mat refills. To be used with BugBan’s Warmers (BiddyBug and SuperBug Plugins).

29 in stock (can be backordered)


BugBan's powerful all-natural mosquito and insect repellent is custom blended to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other annoying insects.

BugBan's Repellents are DEET Free, 100% Natural and Eco-Freindly. They are as kind to you and your family as they are to the environment.

28 Clean Mat Repellent/ pack

  • Use BugBan Anywhere. Plugin BugBan in any room; at home, hotel, dorm, RV,  AirBnB while on vacation.
  • Enjoy a cool refreshing breeze. Plug in BugBan and let the breeze flow inside without the annoying bugs.
  • Non-Topical Solution. No applying, or reapplying! BugBan is a non-topical solution. This means, No applying bug sprays to your skin when you want to leave doors open, No need to use insect spray after your shower or before bedtime.
  • No harmful chemicals. Most bug repellents contain chemicals, like DEET and Phthalates.  These are harmful to humans and animals. BugBan Plugins are a healthier alternative. Don’t use harmful chemicals to repel bugs—go all-natural and stay worry-free.
  • No harsh smells. BugBan's fragrance won’t intrude on your daily life. Enjoy a sweet breeze in your home without harsh chemical smells and without smoke.
  • Up To 28-days of mosquito control. BugBan Plugin's mosquito repellent is formulated to be used exclusively with BugBan warmers.  Clean Mat repellent can last up to 28 days.
  • Best used in rooms up to 300 square feet. 
  • Plug it in and forget it!Plug your BugBan into an outlet and make your house a no-fly zone.
  • Packaging may vary. You may receive our original package - but the product inside is the same amazing Bugban Mosquito Repellent! 


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Weight .7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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