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BugBan is the smartest choice for an all-natural indoor mosquito control.

BugBan Plugins are a safe, all-natural, simple way to create a large indoor area free of annoying mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums. SuperBug Plugin provides upto 30 to 60 days of protection to an area (up to about 300 square feet) against pests. (Uses Both BugBan Clean Mat and Clear Liquid Repellent.

• BugBan Plugins repels pests by heating Liquid repellent, releasing a pleasant (to humans) aroma that repels bugs into a large indoor area.

SuperBug Plugin is 1 WARMER UNIT

All-Natural Repellents sold separately exclusively on this website
Only Use BugBan Clean Mat and Clear Liquid Repellent.


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