BugBan Plugins

30 Days In and 5 Islands Left!

On my last vacation,  I suffered from Dengue and it almost ruined my trip. But travelling is my life and I can't stop living. I knew I needed to travel smarter and bring trusted mosquito control products with me. I found BugBan's SuperBug Plugin and it changed my life!  I plug it in at night, because there's no air conditioning in my island bungalows. Opening windows is the only way to stay cool.

SuperBug Plugin allows me to be bug free. Now, mosquitoes won't ruin this vacation. It's eco-friendly, all natural - just good for me and the planet. Superbug uses both Mat and Liquid Repellent so, it lasts just about forever! 5 more islands to go, and I have more than enough protection to get me through this island hopping adventure!

Live On My Friends! Thanks BugBan!

Chase, The Island Hopper